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JRC V70 with PL4.0

JRC V70 with PL4.0

JRC updating the ECDIS to meet with new standards

IHO (International Hydrographic Organization) Standard S-52 has been revised from Ed.6.0 to Ed.6.1.0, as well as S-52 Annex A Presentation library from Ed.3.4 to Ed.4.0. IMO announced that ECDIS should support the new standards by Aug. 31st, 2017.

After the extensions of the previous versions to August 2017 we have been waiting for the software update for ECDIS. And we are happy that we can announce you that the software update for the ECDIS will be as follows;
JAN-901B/701B/2000: these models can be classified depending on the serial numbers. The serial number starts with “KE” of “KF” and the serial number starts with “KG”. The serial number starts with “KE” of “KF” model will not comply with the new requirements due to hardware limitations and the processor unit needs to be replaced.
Just needed to be updated software to V70 for the serial numbers starts with "KG".

JAN-7/9201: the latest software will fully comply with the new requirements.