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About Us

Polar Denizcilik ve Deniz Malzemeleri A.S. was founded in 1986 in Istanbul as a supply and service company for marine communication and navigation equipments. In the years to follow the company become one of the leading maritime electronics companies in Mediterranean and Black sea regions.

Today Polar group employs more than 100 people, offering fast and reliable service through a world-wide network of subsidiaries and branches along the international shipping routes.

  • 1986

    Founded in Istanbul. Company name was POLAR DENIZCILIK - RECEP AKSAKAL

    - Started up as sales and service company for Fishery Products of Furuno, Navitron, MTI, Wesmar, etc.

  • 1987

    - Turkey's first MTI mobile station was supplied to the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey.

  • 1989

    - First Navitron Autopilot was introduced to the Fishing Market.

  • 1992

    Company Name changed to POLAR DENIZCILIK A.Ş.

    - Started sales and service of JRC Fishery Products.
    - First JRC GPS Plotter was introduced to Fishing Sector.
    - 10 sets of JFV-200, 10 sets of JFV-130 and 30 sets of JMA-2141 were sold within two-weeks.

  • 1993

    ▪ Company recognition certificates from BV, LR, RINA and ABS classification societies were obtained.
    ▪ Domain name for polarmarine.com and jrcturkey.com were obtained.

    - Alternative GPS Plotter C-MAP was introduced to the market.
    - KVH, Jotron, Yokogawa, and Cassens&Plath were included in the scope of supply.

  • 1994

    - First JRC Scanning Sonar has been sold to fisherman, Sinan Girit.
    - First JSB-176 JRC Marine Transceiver was introduced.
    - JRC JFS-3197 Scanning Sonar was modified.
    - JRC JFS-3381 Scanning Sonar was modified.
    - 10 POLAR Customers visited JRC Mitaka Factory and Japan.

  • 1995

    - First JRC GMDSS System was introduced to DENAK Ship Management.

  • 1996

    - 10 sets of JRC GMDSS system were ordered by DENAK.
    - A maritime party was given to introduce JRC GMDSS System to Turkish Maritime Authority.

  • 1997

    - JRC JSS-825 Compact System was introduced as an alternative to FURUNO Compact System.
    - First JLN-627 JRC Doppler Finder was introduced to fishing sector but failed to operate during the trials.
    - 10 POLAR Customers visited JRC Mitaka Factory and Japan.

  • 1998

    - Appreciation party: A maritime party was given to Turkish Maritime Lines, expressing thanks together with JRC Delegation.

  • 1999

    Established PARTEKS TICARET A.S. in İstanbul Free Zone

    - The 100th set of JRC GMDSS equipment was supplied to Ince Shipping.
    - The problem with JLN-627 was cleared and it was acepted by the fishing market.
    - 10 POLAR Customers visited JRC Mitaka Factory and Japan.

  • 2000

    - The 100th set of JRC Scanning Sonar System was supplied to the fisherman, Mr. Asim Kul.
    - First NB project, MV Enver Aslan, was supplied to Aslan Denizcilik.
    - First larger size NB project with DWT 40,000, MV Zeynep Kiran, was completed.

  • 2001

    - The 500th set of NT-921 Navitron Autopilot was supplied to the fisherman, Mr. Necmi Kara.

  • 2002

    Name of PARTEKS TICARET A.S. was changed to POLAR TRADING A.S.

    - Have supplied the 800th set of CMAP Plotter to the fishermen, Mr. Oktay Gundogdu.
    - JRC JFS-80 Scanning Sonar System was modified.

  • 2003

    - JRC GMDSS MF/HF Coastal Radio System was delivered to Turk Telekom.

  • 2005

    - 100th NB project, MV ULUS BREEZE, was delivered to Albros Shipping.

  • 2006

    Established ZAO POLAR SPB in St. Petersburg, Russia.

  • 2007

    - First JRC Russian NB order was received from ONEGA Shipyard.
    - JRC VHF Coast Stations was delivered to KEGKI.

  • 2008

    Established POLAR Comm SRL service office in Italy.

    - The 200th NB project, MT REECON EMIR, was delivered to Turkish owner, Furtrans.
    - Supply of the Scanning Sonar Transducer was modified.
    - Appreciation party: A maritime party was given to Turkish Maritime sector for NB projects, expressing thanks together with JRC Delegation.

  • 2009

    - 10 sets of NB orders were received from Russian owner, OKSKAYA Shipyard.
    - JRC GMDSS MF/HF Relocation Projects has been delivered to KEGKI.

  • 2010

    - 4 sets of NB orders were received from the Russian owner, PROJECT DCV-47.

  • 2011

    - RSD49 placed an order for 10 NB projects in Nevsky Shipyard with JRC, Yokogawa, Navitron, Jotron products to POLAR SPB.

  • 2012

    Established POLAR SIN PTE service office in Singapore.

    - The 300th NB project was delivered to Turkish owner.

  • 2013

    - First JLN-652 doppler finder was introduced.

  • 2015

    ▪ Operation of JRC products shifted to Alphatron/JRC.

    - The 400th NB project was delivered to Turkish shipyards.

  • 2016

    - Polar SPB facility has been extended and NB orders has been reached to target 100 NB.

  • 2017

    - Polar branded plotters has been introduced.

  • 2018

    - GEM ELECTRONICS has been added to scope of supply.

  • 2019


  • 2020

    - Polar branded OEM product has been landed.