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During the 85th session of IMO’s Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) declares mandatory ECDIS requirements and the master and watch-keeping officers are supposed to have undertaken type-specific ECDIS familiarisation.

Providing ECDIS type-specific training on behalf of JRC, experienced POLAR Trainers cover all necessary study subjects:
- Operation of Power On/ Off
- Description of the ECDIS System Configuration
- Operation of Shifting the chart
- Description of the menu structure
- Displaying information on the Electric Navigational charts.
- Description of the Display panel
- Route Planning
- Route monitoring
- Setting of ECDIS
- Charts installation and updating
- Automatic sailing
- Updating of the software
- Explain of difference points for Model

  POLAR ECDIS  TST qualifies the crew:
     - Pass Port State Controls
     - Assess displayed ECDIS information correctly
     - Conduct chart installations and updates properly
     - Interpret legal standards
     - Recognize and solve malfunctions
     - Avoid misinterpretation


At the end of successfully accomplished training POLAR ECDIS TST is issued with a copy of trainer’s certificate, showing authencity of the training to all third parties.