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JRC's newest Radar - JMR-7200 & JMR-9200

JRC's newest Radar - JMR-7200 & JMR-9200
The JRC JMR-7200 and JMR-9200 series X and S-band Radar with full range of radar antennas from 6ft X-band to 12ft S-band, including the 8ft (new) and 12ft solid state radar scanner.

The R in JRC could so to say easily be associated with Radar instead of Radio. Since the beginning in 1915 as a radio manufacturer, JRC has grown to become a global leader as manufacturer of marine radar systems.

Needless to say, all latest advancements in technology have been put into the newest generation of radars reaching a whole new level of performance, designed to seamlessly run radar images faster, even simultaneously, and more efficiently than ever before and to integrate a whole new set of functions and features to assist you with safer navigation.

JRC JMR-9200 series X and S-band Radar give you;

  • New generation powerful and innovative radar
  • Dual PPI display (near-range and far-range images)
  • Top screen with strictly selected information
  • 100 ARPA targets and 500 AIS targets as standard
  • X-band with greater resolution and detection of smaller targets
  • S-band available as tradition magnetron type or solid state (low maintenance) scanner
  • Transceivers UP or DOWN
  • External inter-switch unit can connect up to 8 units
  • Performance monitor included as standard
  • Available as stand-alone type include pedestal or desktop / console-mount type

Optionally – the radar can be upgraded with new Multi Function Display, offering you radar, ECDIS and conning in one display.
The Multi Function Display - MFD - is tailor made and you decide what you want to see. All the unique and well known functions of previous radar models such as ConstaView and Target Enhancement Function has of course been continued and included.

The enormous processing capability allows superfast display of the radar picture, even outside the PPI. One range up and down from the range you currently have on display is being processed in the background, allowing for immediate response and display when range is changed.